CoC Hamilton Chapter

There is a never ending list of social justice issues that need our attention. Each year (usually in June), the Chapter members review our priorities and decide what we will focus on in the coming year. We organize our Education/Action Groups around the priorities. Through the Groups, we learn about the issues, educate others and take action where we think we can make a difference.

Becoming a member of the Hamilton Chapter allows you to join with other people who share your interests and concerns. Some members prefer to work on issues independently and that is great. Others like to work with a community of like-minded activists. You may not think of yourself as an activist but by joining the CoC Hamilton Chapter you can become one.

Chapter Membership

There is no fee for becoming a member of the CoC Hamilton Chapter. All you need to do is contact the current Chair and ask to be added to the email membership list. If you do not have email, we have a member who calls other members to tell them about the monthly meetings and events. To get added to the email or phone lists please contact Kathie Clark at or 905-648-5338.

Levels of Involvement

It is an individual decision as to how involved you want to become in the Chapter activities. Your level of participation depends on how much interest, time and energy you have as well as the other commitments in your life. Here are some of your options:

  • Become a member and receive our emails or phone calls and that way keep informed about what the Chapter is doing
  • Attend our monthly meetings to hear guest speakers and the regular reports of the Education/Action Groups (click here)
  • Participate in our actions and events (click here)
  • Join one or more of the Education/Action Groups and get involved in their meetings and activities (click here)
  • Take a leadership role in Chapter – we always need people to guide and facilitate the work of the Chapter

Council of Canadians – National Organization

The priorities of the CoC Hamilton Chapter reflect local issues that relate to the vision ( and campaigns ( of the national organization. We encourage members of the Chapter to become members and supporters of the national organization. To learn what it means to become a member of the Council of Canadians go to You can choose from different levels of membership. You can join online or obtain a membership form at any of our Chapter monthly meetings or events.