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With growing concern about the grim realities of climate change and diminishing energy resources globally, we are fighting energy projects that will destroy our land, water and air. We are working to stop pipelines that will bring fracked natural gas and tar sands crude to new markets. We are pushing the Canadian government for strong policies that protect our environment and focus on renewable and sustainable energy solutions. Pressing for immediate government action on climate change is central to our efforts. We work with other like minded organizations such as Hamilton 350, Environment Hamilton and others as part of a global climate justice movement calling for “system change, not climate change.”

Our current focus is on opposition to the reversal of Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline and the Energy East projects and on divestment from fossil fuels, for more info follow the links below.


Energy East Project :

Line 9 “Not Worth The Risk” report: This report compiles most of the submissions to the NEB against the reversal and capacity expansion of Line 9. read it here.


In finance and economics, divestment or divestiture is the reduction of some kind of asset for financial, ethical, or political objectives… and since it’s wrong to make a profit by investing in companies that are causing harm to others in the form of climate change we’re helping to build an international movement to divest from fossil fuels. Please visit our Divestment page for more info.

See some of our folks in action in the video below.

System Change Not Climate Change Articles & Blogs

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