Dam Line 9 - Media Release - August 11, 2014

Dam Line 9 Blockaders released after being arrested at Enbridge Line 9 Site

Dam Line 9 - Aug 2014

Annishnabek, Haudenosaunee, Lenape Territories – Five protesters were arrested last night at an Enbridge Line 9 construction site which saw a week long occupation. Since early Tuesday morning people from across southwestern Ontario stopped construction at an Enbridge valve installation, camping out for a week and building their own infrastructure.

Yesterday at noon police delivered an injunction, at which point point most protesters packed up and left the premises. Two blockaders locked down to cement filled barrels which had to be jack hammered off by a police team. The individuals locked down were then arrested, taken to the Tillsonbourg jail. Three individuals who were supporting those locked down were also arrested and kept overnight. Two of them had been assured by police that they could perform support roles without being arrested.

“I am not surprised that Enbridge and the police collaborated and that our friends and loved ones were arrested, especially considering Enbridge’s $10,000 donation to the Oxford County Police […]

Join Niagara Line 9 Rally - Saturday, July 26th at 1pm at 2895 St. Paul Ave, Niagara Falls

Is oil the only thing left of value these days? Is cheaper better? Do we need to ram through our Mother the Earth’s abundant resources so we can “compete” with cheap overseas products? When will enough be enough?

There is so much to be grateful for in the land for many of us, and yet we are eating out of boxes and bags fixed with a logo marketed just for us, instead of demanding healthy tasty local food. We are filling up landfills with our Timmies cups after our lengthy idling in line in the drive through. We are paving through forests to populate areas like the Muskoka’s with our SUV and generators for second and third homes.

We are all contributing to this destruction.You, me, Stephen Harper and David Suzuki are all contributing in one way or another to this endless cycle of exponential growth. It defies math, reason, ethics and spits in the faces of those who made sacrifices before us to help us attain all these comforts. We are doing a lot of things, but stopping the chase of the unattainable “dream” is not one of them. It seems to never be enough. Why not? Who […]

The World Council of Churches ends fossil fuel investments

The World Council of Churches representing half a billion Christians has joined the divestment movement and announced it will end all its fossil fuel investments. See here.

Public Forum on Climate Change - May 12, 2014

On Monday, May 12 a public forum on climate change was held at the Hamilton Public Library (55 York Blvd.). The title was ‘Climate Change: what can we do in Hamilton?’ Click here to see the poster. About 200 people attended.

The focus was on specific actions that can be taken in Hamilton to make a positive difference. This year the forum was co-hosted by the Council of Canadians Hamilton Chapter, Environment Hamilton, 350Hamilton, Green Venture, and First Nations. Ten other community organizations co-sponsored the event and promoting it throughout the city.

The speakers were Gordon McBean (Director, Research and External Relations – Centre for Environment and Sustainability and Director, Policy Studies – Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction), Brian Kelly (Manager of Sustainability, Office of the CAO, Region of Durham) and Danielle B. (One of the many voices that represent the water and land. Danielle is Anishnaabe Kwe from Garden River, Ontario). The Manitou Mkwa Singers were part of opening the program.

Welcome to the System Change not Climate Change Group