Water Is Life! Let's Celebrate and Protect It

Event cancelled to avoid spread of Corona Virus

March marks both Water Day and Water Week. We’ll be honouring both on Tuesday March 31 by strategizing and organizing on how to protect the Beverley Swamp and other sensitive wetlands from the Enbridge “Dawn Parkway” (bleck!) fracked gas pipeline expansion. Join us at our new chapter meeting location in the multipurpose room of the Beasley Community Centre, 145 Wilson St. in downtown Hamilton. 6:30 p.m. till 8:45p.m.

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  • I will soon be putting up some information about the Enbridge expansion plans to make up for our meeting being cancelled. Our allies at Hamilton 350 have a new flyer which will soon be up here, as will the link to their new short video on the planned expansion. We have just begun to revive our website, so please bear with us during its reconstruction. Thanks, and take care!


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