Dam Line 9 - Media Release - August 11, 2014

Dam Line 9 Blockaders released after being arrested at Enbridge Line 9 Site

Dam Line 9 - Aug 2014

Annishnabek, Haudenosaunee, Lenape Territories – Five protesters were arrested last night at an Enbridge Line 9 construction site which saw a week long occupation.  Since early Tuesday morning people from across southwestern Ontario stopped construction at an Enbridge valve installation, camping out for a week and building their own infrastructure.

Yesterday at noon police delivered an injunction, at which point point most protesters packed up and left the premises.  Two blockaders locked down to cement filled barrels which had to be jack hammered off by a police team.  The individuals locked down were then arrested, taken to the Tillsonbourg jail.  Three individuals who were supporting those locked down were also arrested and kept overnight.  Two of them had been assured by police that they could perform support roles without being arrested.

“I am not surprised that Enbridge and the police collaborated and that our friends and loved ones were arrested, especially considering Enbridge’s $10,000 donation to the Oxford County Police Station. The police will always defend the interests of corporations, so we will always end up in conflict with them in our work to defend the water, land and air.” – Sarah Scanlon

Blockaders were protesting Enbridge’s Line 9, a 40 year-old pipeline that is being reversed to send tar sands dilbit and fracked Bakken crude from Sarnia to Montreal.  A pipeline safety expert has stated that the pipeline is 90% likely to rupture in the first five years of operation.

“The pipeline goes through rivers, lakes, and sensitive ecosystems, all of which are at risk by inevitable spills.  It also goes through 18 First Nations communities, many of whom say there were not consulted which is a requirement under the Canadian Constitution.  Also, Line 9 will allow for the expansion of the tar sands and exacerbate the negative impacts on downstream communities who are suffering from illnesses related to the toxic operations.  The tar sands are also Canada’s biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to catastrophic climate change” – Lana Goldberg

Chippewas of the Thames First Nation is appealing the National Energy Board’s approval of Line 9 on the basis that they were not consulted on the project.

A solidarity action has begun in Toronto at another Enbridge construction site in support of those arrested and in opposition to the Line 9 pipeline.  There are about 20 people on site, some in hazmat suits, at the Dufferin and Finch location.

“My hope is that people further our efforts in these kinds of direct actions. We hope that these actions will continue to spread and that other individuals and groups blockade Enbridge’s Line 9 sites. We will not be deterred. We will not stop.” – Wolf Chrapko

“Dam Line 9” protesters have now been released with charges including obstruction of justice, resisting arrest, failure to comply with court order, trespassing, and mischief.


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