The People's Forum - Campaign Kick-Off July 15, 2014

The People’s Platform is underway, and it’s important we show that people are interested in making their own platform! There will be a campaign kick-off on Tuesday, July 15th at 7:00pm at Democracy Cafe, 202 Locke Street South. We need to fill the room, so come on out and bring your friends! Local media will be present, and there will be a mini-forum to showcase what the campaign is all about. And…if you’re interested in volunteering with the campaign, please email See you on the 15th!


Media Advisory June 30, 2014

“…voter turnout rose to about 40 per cent of registered voters [in 2010], compared to 37.3 per cent in the 2006 municipal election. In 2003, voter turnout was about 37.9 per cent.” – Steve Buist, Hamilton Spectator

Voter turnout is on the rise in Hamilton, and residents are hungry for more ways to participate. For the first time in Hamilton’s history, residents will come together and say what they want before they say who they want. The people of Hamilton will make their own platform and share it with the candidates in this year’s municipal election. It will be up to the candidates to decide whether they support the people’s initiatives. Three main forums in world-café style will gather peoples’ ideas, followed by charrettes that will transform the people’s ideas into action items. These action items will be put to a vote on October 11th, creating The People’s Platform.

The People’s Platform is an initiative of the Hamilton Civic League and is supported by the Hamilton chapter of the Council of Canadians.

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