Join Niagara Line 9 Rally - Saturday, July 26th at 1pm at 2895 St. Paul Ave, Niagara Falls

Is oil the only thing left of value these days? Is cheaper better? Do we need to
ram through our Mother the Earth’s abundant resources so we can “compete” with
cheap overseas products? When will enough be enough?

There is so much to be grateful for in the land for many of us, and yet we are
eating out of boxes and bags fixed with a logo marketed just for us, instead of
demanding healthy tasty local food. We are filling up landfills with our
Timmies cups after our lengthy idling in line in the drive through. We are
paving through forests to populate areas like the Muskoka’s with our SUV and
generators for second and third homes.

We are all contributing to this destruction.You, me, Stephen Harper and David Suzuki are all contributing in one way or another to this endless cycle of exponential growth. It defies math, reason, ethics and spits in the faces of those who made sacrifices before us to help us attain all these comforts. We are doing a lot of things, but stopping the chase of the unattainable “dream” is not one of them.
It seems to never be enough. Why not? Who has agreed to this?

The back of this giant turtle is rich with beauty. We are living in paradise. We have it all: food, water, clean abundant energy, academic institutes to nourish our minds, technology to build the things we need, we have advanced modern medicine in brilliant ways. It is heartening to know that there is land, forests and water to sustain our way of life into the future. We have what we need and then some but instead we are encouraged to want more.

Instead of appreciating what we have, the dye is cast for us to focus on what we don’t have.

If you are on a street corner sparing for change you need to get a real job. If you are living pay cheque to pay cheque it is a mighty struggle to “get ahead,” and you need to work more. If you have steady work and a good income now it’s time to look at that cottage, buying a bigger home or getting more. Whatever you may have, you haven’t got enough.

The “economy” must grow all the time.

This is what we are being sold, but do we have to buy it?

Is it possible that moving resources can serve the greater good and improve the quality of life for everybody and everything in the world? Of course. Has technology and resource development ever helped people in the past? Yes. Have all sides of the pipeline and the growth of the tar sands extractions industry truly been weighed for their net benefits and drawbacks? The answer is no.

The process is as transparent as the Athabasca River. Bill C-45 was never debated openly. The NEB has no accountability to anybody other than industry. The conversations about the future are happening behind closed doors.

This can’t happen anymore. It’s time to start to take the power back. It’s time to start saying #NoEnbridge.

People interested in joining the chorus of opposition to the unchecked promotion of dangerous pipelines such as the local Line 9 reversal are welcome to join fellow community members this Saturday, July 26th at 1pm at 2895 St. Paul Ave, Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Karl Dockstader is a resident of Niagara Falls, Turtle Island.‎ He is a father, husband, and lover of all of creation and contributes to Niagara at Large hoping to spark the conversations that lead us down the path to positive change.

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