Monthly Chapter Meeting Notice - April 29, 2014

The April Monthly Meeting hosted Norman Kearney as the guest speaker. The title of his presentation was ‘Building a People’s Society: What it means, and how we can do it’.

A people’s society is a society of organized peoples who have the authority, the capabilities, and the resources to self-govern. In a people’s society, the people rule themselves through networks and tiers of semi-autonomous institutions based on the principles of subsidiarity and reciprocity. Cities are potential foundations for a people’s society, but how can we build on these foundations? This talk will discuss strategies for organizing and building a people’s society through the city, and how these strategies can be (and have been) put into practice in Hamilton and elsewhere.

Norman Kearney started Ward 2’s movement for participatory budgeting in January 2012 and led its design and implementation until September 2013. Since then, Norman has been a graduate student at the Institute of Political Economy in Ottawa. Norman graduated from McMaster University in 2011 with a degree in philosophy and political science. He is a proud Hamiltonian and shameless promoter of its beauty, culture, and good coffee.

This presentation relates to the work of the Direct Democracy Group.

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